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Victoria's Stories offers 5 sizes of prints to choose from:

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- Above you can find the five print sizes available on Victoria's Stories.

- The photo on the left demonstrates three of the print sizes in context to how they might look in your home.


Victoria’s Stories does not offer a framing service, however, we can recommend the best standard frame sizes for your print, along with some websites that offer suitable frames. You can also take your print to be framed by framing specialists.

Please find a below the list of frame sizes that will best fit your chosen print size: 

PRINT: 12” x 8”        //    IDEAL FRAME SIZE: 14" x 11"

PRINT: 15” x 10”      //    IDEAL FRAME SIZE: 18" x 12"

PRINT: 18” X 12”     //     IDEAL FRAME SIZE: 20" x 16"

PRINT: 24” X 16”    //     IDEAL FRAME SIZE: 30" x  24"

PRINT: 30” X 20”  //      IDEAL FRAME SIZE: 36" x 24"

Frame websites:

- John Lewis

- Amazon


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